Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye's a jerk, period.

Okay, so as much as I LOVE Kanye West's music and DETEST Taylor Swift (can't lie though, my roomate used to blast Love Song and I sang along, pretty catchy) it is NOT okay to take away frim her moment.  First, she's 17 years old, Kanye - pick on someone legal.  Second, Beyonce is bomb, everyone and their mom, best friend, cousin, and gay friend will tell you that. But, she's won so many awards and also had 8 more nominations at the VMA's.  Let the child have her moment.  Cause we ALL know if Miley Cyrus was there, it'd be "Taylor Swift" who?

P.S.  I know everyone thinks Amber Rose is the flyest thing walking Earth right now but that outfit is NOT the business. 

Check it on via Youtube... If you missed it.

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