Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deeper Than Words

"No one will EVER understand the strength of the Spelman sisterhood, unless you have attended Spelman College"

After a short but very moving, saddening ceremony in the chapel today in honor of our dear Spelman sister who was killed last night, I sat with 5/6 of my closest friends at school (the other returned home early this morning to mourn the loss of her grandmother) in shock at the event that had taken place.  We all found it amazing that we were so deeply saddened by the news when none of us knew the girl personally or had seen her since Freshman Orientation in fall '08.  At which point, we realized that though we may not always get along with each other or even know each other on a personal level, we are connected, deeply. The sisterhood that Spelman College so prides itself on is, indeed, alive and well.  We didn't just lose a classmate; we lost a sister. I realize, today, more than ever that nothing hurts more than seeing your sister's hurt and know that there's nothing you can do to take pain and sadness away. The sisterhood that exists between the students at Spelman College is deeper than words we could ever speak to each other.  Fortunately, that's what will allow us to make it through.  
         I'm sending up my prayers to the family of Jasmine Lynn, her friends, Spelman College c/o 2012, and my AUC family in its entirety.  

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