Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little advice for C.B.

Dear Mr. Brown,
           While I am not upset about your lack of delivering details about the now (seemingly) ancient altercation involving you and Ms. Rih-Rih, I AM, however, very displeased with your inability to form a sentence that:
 a) is gramatically correct
b) contains vocabulary reflective of your age; not that of a 7th grader

Also, the bow-tie that accompanies your baby blue crew-neck sweater does nothing for the outfit.  That's all.
Concerned Fan.

Seriously though, I don't quite understand what the purpose of his appearance on Larry King Live was considering he didn't unveil any new information.  My only thoughts on this are what they always have been.  

NO, domestic violence is never okay.  But, none of us were at the scene and therefore, can not pass judgement on neither Chris nor the situation.  So let him live.  Besides, you all know that ya'll will proudly BANG his next single through your speakers, headphones, what have you if it is, indeed, a banger.  

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